Our School

Our Staff

Pingelly PS has a dynamic and innovative team of educators committed to school improvement and student growth.

2024 Staff
Principal Jo Newhouse
Deputy Principal Gemma Calligaro
Manager Corporate Services Ros Ward
School Officer Leah Parsons (Tuesday-Thursday  AM)
Library Officer Leah Parsons (Tuesday-Thursday PM)


Kindergarten Alyssa Lee
Pre-primary Kristy Hodgson
Year 1/2 Jess Overington
Year 3/4 Michele Morton
Year 5/6 Anya Morrish
Support Jane Mills


Education Assistants Jenene Ferguson                                  Ashlyn Hughes                                    Pauline Peters                                        Helen Dennerley                                  Maddie Christie
AIEO Donny Farmer
Grounds Kellee Kenward
Cleaner In Charge Leanne Watkins
Cleaner Lynda Whillier  (Primary)                              Sheina Diamond (Cluster)