Parents & Community

P&C Association

Pingelly PS has a strong and supportive Parents and Citizens (P&C) association.  All parents are encouraged to join the P&C Association and attend term meetings.  Meetings are usually held on Monday, week 4 of each term at 2pm.  To access the P&C constitution click here.  To join the P&C Facebook page click here.

Our P&C provides key support across the following areas.

  • Uniform
  • Catering
  • school events
  • School promotion
  • resourcing
  • strategic planning
P&C Executive Committee
President Rheannon Turton
Vice President Helen Sewell
Secretary Sheree Blechynden
Treasurer Charissa Parsons
School Council Rep Adam Watts
Catering Co-ordinator Katie Macnamara
Uniform Co-ordinator Emma Hardie
Principal Rob McArdle


In 2019, the following financial support was provided by the P&C association:

  • Purchase of 3 portable shade shelters
  • $5000 contribution towards reading resources
  • Purchase of a portable stage
  • $1000 towards year 5/6 camp
  • Financial support for STRIVE Colour Fun Run

Click here to access P&C minutes and agendas.