Who We Are

Who We Are

Pingelly Primary School is located approximately 160 kilometres south east of Perth. The school is characterised by attractive gardens, extensive grounds and excellent facilities. Students (Kindergarten to Year 6) are drawn from a rural community and from the town itself. Approximately 30 percent of the school’s pupils are Aboriginal. The school is committed to working in partnership with parents and the wider community. The school has an active P&C and School Council.

The expertise and experience of staff are utilised across the school to maximise student outcomes. The staff is committed to delivering an inclusive and balanced curriculum, which addresses the diverse needs of our students. There is a Physical Education Teacher, LOTE, Art and Music Specialist Teachers. We have a strong commitment to play based pedagogy across the early years (K/PP/1), and providing an environment which responds to the interests of children.

A comprehensive pastoral care system, supported by a Chaplain, is embedded in the operation of the school. Social and emotional wellbeing is a key priority with our STRIVE values crucial to creating the conditions for children to feel safe, valued and a vital part of the learning process.

Being an old District High School, Pingelly PS has access to a range of rooms and facilities including manual arts, home economics, and science rooms. The school has a growing technologies focus with teachers and students accessing a range of resources to assist with the delivery of an integrated STEM curriculum.

Pingelly Primary School is committed to being proactive, resourceful and innovative in the area of curriculum responsiveness. We strive to foster a learning environment that enables students to become life-long learners, problem solvers and positive contributors to society.